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candkfanclub's Journal

Claire and Kelly
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we rock, we're brillant, we tell the truth at all times, we so adorable n cute, we're smart and wonderful and also moderst
a new found glory, adema, aliens, amen, angel, angels, anita blake, apples, aretha franklin, beer, bon jovi, books, buffy the vampire slayer, casey chaos, cats, cheese, chocolate, chris fehn, comedy, corey taylor, crying, crystal palace, cuddling, dean cain, deana carter, death, depression, diana ross, dixie chicks, dodge ram trucks, dogs, drinking, dying, elvis presley, faith, film writing, films, final destination, flowers, foo fighters, friends, friendship, fruit, george, geri halliwel, getting upset, green day, guys, hamburgers, heaven, hell, hoobastank, hookerboots, huggs, incubus, inspiration, inspirational words, jew, jimmy eat world, karl, kerr smith, killing people, kisses, kissing, laughing, less than jake, less than zero, limeys, linkin park, lip rings, livejournal, lonliness, lost prophets, mark mcgrath, mel c, men in boxer-briefs, men in boxers, men in nothing, movies, multiple sclerosis, music, my family, my friends, my kitties, my new apartment, new people, nibbling, nuzzling, offspring, oranges, our lady peace, ozzfest, papa roach, pizza, pod, poetry, puddle of mudd, purple, quotes, rainbow, rock city, romance novels, sheep, silver, sister hazel, sleep, sleeping, slipknot, snow, softball, soul mates, soulfly, stars, story writing, sugar ray, suicide, sum 41, swimming, system of a down, talking, tampa bay buccaneers, tattoos, tears, text messaging, the color yellow, thoughts, thunderstorms, tongue ring, tongues, trik turner, ufo's, unicorns, vampires, van gogh, vodka, web sites, writing, x-files